There’s Nothing Sucky About These Vacuums

Many people may hear the term vacuum technology and think of some kind of robotic high-tech vacuum cleaner. However, this is pretty far off the mark. There is actually virtually no end to the application of vacuum technology when it comes to industrial purposes. Here are just a few.

1. In the wood processing industry, special wood pieces are lifted using strong vacuum devices that are capable of handling them more gently than the human hand. Vacuum clamping is used during surfacing in specialized machining instruments so that the wood pieces being surfaced are not jolted around.

2. In the plastics industry, vacuum technology is used to move around pieces of plastic which are still hot and highly susceptible to unwanted marking to their malleability. Vacuums are also used to move raw materials in a much more ergonomic manner than can be done by using traditional methods.

3. Vacuum technology plays a large part in all three categories of the packaging industry. Whether it be using vacuums to place chocolates into a container in the primary packaging sense, placing filled containers or bags in shipping boxes in a secondary packaging sense or using vacuums to palletize in the tertiary packaging sense, there is never a shortage of vacuum technology being used when any form of packaging is being conducted.

4. With the advent of all sort of consumer and business electronic needs, there is a plethora of delicate microchip and other electronic parts that need to be handled with the utmost of care. Custom made devices that utilize vacuum technology to move these fragile components abound in manufacturing facilities all over the world.

5.  The automotive industry assembles vehicles which consist of many parts that are very heavy or ergonomically unsound. To solve this problem, they use vacuum as the solution. The strength of the lifting apparatuses ensure that no worker is injured due to lifting components that are unsuitable by nature of their weight or inherent construction.

As one can see, there are many uses for vacuums in the industrial world. This technology remains on the cutting edge and looks to be going nowhere but up.

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