Keep Out Mold and Mildew for Healthier Living

As a homeowner, mold and mildew are two things that you definitely do not want to welcome into your home. In fact, you likely want to keep them out at all costs.

The growth of mold in your home can be more than unsightly. It can cause health problems. These problems can be even worse if someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. Other people who may be more sensitive include the very young and the elderly, as well as people with health conditions that have weakened the immune system.

The easiest way to handle mold is to never let it get started in the first place. While mold spores are found almost anywhere, it is when they begin to grow inside that the problems begin. The spores will begin to grow when they land on a damp surface. Consequently basements are prime locations for mold growth. If you have noticed mold and mildew in basement Cleveland Ohio area, companies like Highlander Waterproofing can help.

The thing that makes basements so prone to dampness that, in turn, can lead to the growth mold, is water seeping through the walls. Basement walls are typically made of block that, by nature, is highly porous. As rain water seeps into the ground, it can also seep through the block, and you end up with a wet basement. The problem can be worse if the guttering system with its associated down spouts do not carry the water that runs off the roof far enough away from the house for proper drainage.

By adding a waterproofing sealant to the basement walls, you can keep groundwater where it belongs, in the ground. That way, mold growth is prevented and not allowed to become a condition that requires remediation.

There are other reasons you will want to keep the water out of the basement as well. You may have items stored there that are better preserved in a low-humidity atmosphere. Examples include family heirlooms as well as electronic equipment that can be sensitive to moisture. If you ever decide to build a room down there, having the walls waterproofed becomes even more important.