Foams Used In Replacing RV Cushions And Chair Backs

There is nothing more exciting than flying along the highway in an RV. The sense of adventure and unknown events ahead makes it something to look forward to on dull and dreary days. However, all RV’s are not made the same and some do not have comfortable seats, cushions or other things that are needed to fully enjoy the experience. However, with this advice from The Foam Factory you’ll learn what you need to know to improve your old RV.

Some people prefer to make replacement cushions themselves, which is not too difficult. Fortunately, today it is possible to make a replacement by choosing a foam that is made for a specific purpose.

Following are suitable foams for use on RV cushions and/or chair backs:

  • Poly Foam – medium firmness – used for cushion replacement – 1-2 years life
  • Super Soft Foam – super soft – used for cushions – 5 years life
  • HD36 Foam – medium foam – used for cushions – 7 years life
  • HD 36 High Quality – used for seat backs and cushions – 16 years life
  • Lux Foam Regular – used for cushions and seats – 7 years life
  • Lux Foam High Quality – heavy use for seats, chairs, cushions – 16 years life

As you can see, there are a wide variety of foams to choose from when you want to operate an RV in comfort. The choice of a specific cushion foam will depend on how firm you want it.

There are many different companies that will produce a foam order to fit your specific specifications. If you are handy with a sewing machine however, having a DIY project will save you money as well as a sense of pride in a job well done.


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