Enjoy The Beauty of Wildflowers Every Day!


Appealing Blossoms

Did you know many people today landscape with wildflowers? These beautiful, hardy plants will add brilliant color to a yard or nearby field. Their fragrance and vivid hues appeal to beneficial insects, including honey bees. Some bird species also favor particular wildflowers as sources of habitat.

Consider enhancing your garden today by planting some of these lovely wild-growing blooms! Nature’s Seed offers a wide variety of wildflower seeds, including both regional mixes and some individual species. Some of the most popular varieties include:

-Baby Blue Eyes;
-Bachelor Button;
-Black-Eyed Susan;
-White Yarrow.

Explore all these attractive blooms by adding some of them to your landscape!

Baby Blue Eyes

These pretty, delicate light blue flowers furnish excellent ground cover in steep, hard-to-mow areas of yards and roadsides. They also provide a wonderful garden border plant because of their comparatively limited height (they only grow from 6″ to a maximum of a foot tall). Add these sun-loving blooms to brighten your residence today!

Bachelor Button

Legend holds the Bachelor Button derives its name from the bright posies fashion-conscious unmarried Victorian men used to wear in their lapels. These lovely flowers reach a foot to a foot-and-a-half in height, and as cut flowers they hold few equals! The plants produce distinctive blossoms in soft colors ranging from white to pink, blue or purple. Hardy Bachelor Buttons love sunlight and will flourish even in dry locations.

Black-Eyed Susan

The Black-Eyed Susan with its distinctive golden petals and dark brownish-black interior will offer great enjoyment as a colorful flower. It tolerates a variety of soil conditions and appreciates ample sunlight. Use the cut flowers to decorate the home, or give them away as gifts!


Related to daisies, Echinacea often appears in herbal teas today. This beautiful “cone flower” beautifies gardens with its white to purplish leaves and distinctive yellow center.

White Yarrow

White Yarrow produces a blaze of brilliant white. This hardy flower will attract butterflies and other pollinators to the yard. Don’t allow livestock to consume the plant, which absorbs toxins from the soil! Its blossoms will enhance floral arrangements.

A Wise Investment

By decorating your home and grounds with sweetly scented wild plants, you’ll help create a genuinely stunning landscape. Invest in some wildflower seeds soon to begin developing a superb garden!