Before you Get into Your Used Camper, Run Through This Checklist

Before you take a trip in your camper, there are a few things that you should look over. The items on this checklist from The Foam Factory are for your safety, and to ensure that you have a vehicle that looks the best that it can so that you’re comfortable on your trip.

RV cushions can be replaced with those that have a soft foam, making you feel comfortable while riding. New cushions also add a bit of color and beauty to the camper. Plus, your back will thank you after you’ve spent several hours on the road.

You should also look at the tires. Make sure that they aren’t over-inflated as this can cause them to burst while traveling. Examine all of the fluid levels. Check the oil and the transmission fluid. You also want to check the brake fluid, especially if you plan on going to a mountainous region where the brakes will be used a lot of the time. RV bedding can be updated to include new mattresses, blankets and sheets.

After you’ve examined the exterior of the camper, such as the windshield wipers, steps and the mirrors, you can begin looking at the inside. Look through the cabinets to see that they latch securely. Check the bathroom and the plumbing lines to ensure that they will drain the right way. Remove old camper cushions, using new ones that have a soft surface as this will make your trip a bit easier to handle while sitting for long periods of time.

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