3 Tips for Making Friends through Ham Radio

There’s no denying that ham radio has largely been overtaken by the Worldwide Web over the past two decades. However, while this particular hobby has all but vanished from the mainstream, there are still millions of ham operators across the globe. Although most people now turn to forums and social media outlets to find friends with similar hobbies and interests, a small but dedicated number of individuals still prefer ham radio. If you’ve recently earned your amateur radio license and are eager to start connecting with other operators, you’d be wise to heed the following tips.

1. Avoid Pontificating

As any experienced hammer will tell you, most operators keep their comments brief and to-the-point. Since you never know how long a connection will last, it’s important to say what you intend to say in as few words as possible. Additionally, if you’re engaged in a discussion with multiple operators, pontificating and delivering long-winded speeches is not likely to win you many friends. As is the case with in-person exchanges, dominating a conversation is not looked upon favorably by many people in the amateur radio community.

2. Go Easy on Your Microphone

It’s very easy to tell when someone doesn’t have much experience operating a mic. One of the biggest rookie mistakes a ham operator can make is speaking directly into his or her microphone. In addition to creating an annoying hiss, this makes your voice come across very loudly to anyone who happens to be listening. For best results, avoid speaking directly into your mic and maintain a measured tone of voice throughout your exchanges with other operators. In order to make yourself better-understood by your fellow operators, make sure you console is equipped with high-quality components from Werlatone.

3. Don’t Take Troll Bait

Although trolls are predominantly active on the Internet, the amateur radio community also has its fair share of troublemakers. Like online trolls, certain ham operators thrive on drawing other people into arguments and verbal confrontations. When confronted by someone like this, it’s strongly advised that you abstain from taking the bait – even if this person expresses thoughts you find reprehensible. Answering the fight call ultimately gives these individuals what they want and encourages them to continue their harassment.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, it’s never been easier to connect with other people. Chat rooms, forums and popular social media outlets have made finding like-minded individuals a breeze. However, before everyone had ready access to the Worldwide Web, ham radio was the most effective way to meet people from different locales from the comfort of home. Novice ham enthusiasts who are interested in making friends with other operators would do well to avoid pontificating, learn proper mic handling and avoid taking troll bait at all costs.