3 Commonly Occurring Workplace Injuries

In the U.S. alone, a staggering number of people are at risk for workplace injuries. While it’s true that industrial workplaces like factories and construction sites generally carry a higher risk of injury than office environments and retail settings, few members of the workforce are entirely safe from potential on-the-job mishaps. When it comes to workplace injuries, the first step towards avoidance is education. By familiarizing yourself with the most commonly occurring on-the-job injuries, you can begin taking measures to avoid them.

1. Falls

One of the most common workplace injuries, falls aren’t limited to industrial settings. People who work in stores, restaurants and traditional office environments suffer falls on a daily basis. Falls often occur as a result of slippery surfaces and excessive clutter, so in the interest of avoiding them, it’s recommended that businesses stamp out messiness and post cautionary signage in the vicinity of slippery surfaces. Depending on a worker’s age and physical constitution, a single fall can cause irreparable damage. As such, fall prevention should be among every employer’s foremost priorities.

2. Electrocution

Electrocution can occur for a variety of reasons, though it’s often the fault of flawed electrical systems and industrial tools that require a substantial amount of power. In order to avoid electrical mishaps, businesses should regularly have electrical infrared inspection and arc flash analyses performed. Not only can this make a business more energy-efficient, it also stands to save lives. For best results, make sure these tests are carried out by a service with enviable experience and a solid reputation.

3. Excessive Exertion

Overexertion commonly occurs in people who work in physically demanding professions. If someone’s job requires a fair amount of lifting, pushing or any other type of strenuous movement, it’s imperative that they be given frequent breaks and not be pushed to their physical limits on a daily basis. Injuries caused by overexertion run the gamut from simple sprains to broken bones, and businesses that consistently demand hard labor from employees frequently find themselves on the receiving end of costly lawsuits.

Workplace injuries are a huge problem in the U.S., particularly in industrial working environments. Fortunately, by staying alert and exercising a little bit of caution, most workers can avoid on-the-job mishaps. Anyone who wants to nip workplace injuries in the bud should educate themselves on the most common types of professional accidents. With the proper precautions in place, falls, electrocution and overexertion are very much avoidable.

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